Press releases 2007

Friday, August 31, 2007

... The youngster with a fierce baseline game battled Jankovic in long, heavy baseline rallies throughout the match, often firing winners at will. The two worked each other from the back court until one player created an opportunity to attack and get her opponent out of position to set up a winner. Jankovic had a tough time getting a grip on the first set and she began losing her mental edge early on by losing her cool and questioning the umpire�s judgment on a few line calls. An early Cornet break put the Frenchwoman on top 2-0. ...



Sunday, June 10, 2007

... Cornet could hardly have scripted her last junior match better. She fought back from a set down on a fiercely hot Court 2, showing superior conditioning and self-belief to wear the Columbian down. �In the first set she played beautiful tennis,� admitted Cornet. �She is very strong; she is very good. And I was thinking, "If she goes on playing like this, she deserves to win," because she would surprise me on each shot. And she was fighting. So it was very difficult for me. Then I went on playing my game, and tried to stop making mistakes and not to give her any points. And then I was stronger, mentally speaking, I think, so this is why I won.� ...